Download (Build 7 | 2019-05-13)

Scoreman is a Windows application built to help tournament broadcasters easily manage team names, logos, maps, and replays in their overlay. The application saves information to an output folder, providing OBS (or equivalent streaming software) with static file paths to read from.

— Universal game support with the ability to hot swap between asset packs
— Text autocomplete for team names and maps
— Edit and manage local teams and players databases
— Load team information and logos from remotely managed spreadsheet
— Generate custom text fields on the fly
— Support for multi-game series (up to seven games)
— Support for full team rosters
— Replay manager with automatically generated thumbnails
— Automatic and manual output modes
— Fast and intuitive interface provides easy access to all functionality
— Compatible with Broadcast Package

Build 7 (2019-05-13)
— Player select dialogue includes controls for adding, removing, and editing players
— Added input for player Twitter handles, which are included with player output
— New commentator module which uses player database
— Custom fields module now expands to accomodate more fields
— (Melee) Last used character is now saved to and loaded from player entry
Note: Remote CSV import is disabled in this build

Build 6 (2019-05-08)
— Universal game support. Build 6 includes Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, and Melee
— Scoreman interface will dynamically update when you switch between games
— Config file options for disabling features to reduce window size

Build 5 (2019-04-29)
— Fixes crashing on startup

Build 4 (2019-04-29)
— Added compatibility mode

Build 3 (2019-04-28)
— Made sub-sections collapsible

Build 2 (2019-04-27)
— Rudimentary GUI settings dialog and editor for local teams database
— Dynamically generated custom text fields can be updated during run time